2023 'Luccio' Pinot Grigio 2023 'Luccio' Pinot Grigio

2023 'Luccio' Pinot Grigio

Light and fresh on the palate, displaying crisp flavours of apple skins and melon. Finishing pleasingly dry with just a subtle hint of minerality. Summery Pinot Grigio made for immediate enjoyment, fresh, crisp and fruity. Try with anything you’d garnish with Fish Sauce or Pad Thai.

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Good winter rain allowed soil profiles to be full, giving the vines a great start to the growing season. A remarkably cool summer followed, providing perfect conditions for healthy balanced vines. The long ripening period produced fruit with a perfect balance of good colour, high natural acidity, and concentrated flavours.  

A joy to make, this is a white wine made from pink grapes. Picked early to retain freshness, pressed gently to extract as little colour as possible and fermented in stainless steel to protect vitality of fruit. 

Tasting Notes