Luccio Sangiovese 2022 Luccio Sangiovese 2022

2022 'Luccio' Sangiovese

A great example of this Italian varietal. Truly versatile, a great accompaniment with grilled meats, antipasti, charcuterie, pizza and pasta. Made for immediate enjoyment in mind, but equally can handle a few years in the cellar. Consume within 5 years to catch it at its best.

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WINEMAKER’S NOTE Good winter rain allowed soil profiles to be full, giving the vines a great start to the growing season. A remarkably cool summer, providing perfect conditions for healthy balanced vines. The long ripening period produced fruit with a perfect balance of good colour, high natural acidity, and concentrated flavours. Sangiovese was our first ‘alternative” variety planted on the estate and is extremely well suited to the region, typically finding a fantastic natural balance without too much management in the vineyard.  

Tasting Notes