2020 'Los Compañeros' Shiraz Tempranillo 2020 'Los Compañeros' Shiraz Tempranillo

2021 'Los Compañeros' Shiraz Tempranillo

Los Compañeros, Spanish for ‘The Companions’, as Shiraz and Tempranillo do keep great company in both the vineyard and in the bottle. A delightfully balanced, versatile wine that will have you looking for a second glass. Any dish with Chorizo as a component will lap this up seamlessly.

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Winemaker's Note:One of the newer additions to the line up, the Los Compañeros is a blend of 84% Shiraz and 16% Tempranillo. Perfect blending companions, Tempranillo provides aromatic lift and a rustic textural element to the soft richness of the Shiraz. No new oak here, so the fruit really sings. 

Tasting Notes