2020 'Rising Ground' Cabernet Franc

This marks our 4th release of the “Rising Ground” and is a more generous expression of Cabernet Franc than we have seen from previous vintages. The juicy acid profile and fine tannins remain perfectly balanced, creating a concentrated yet poised wine.


Winemaker's Note:2020 vintage was the result of a warm dry growing season, followed by 60mm in January and one of the coolest February’s on record. Combined with lighter crop loads, these conditions produced wines of concentration. Gentle cap management using compressed air to protect aromatic qualities of the wine.

Planted in 2007, and first released as a stand-alone wine in 2017, we see Cabernet Franc having a promising future in Clare. The aromatic nature of this variety has shaped our approach to embrace the spice and perfume characteristics of the wine.

Tasting Notes

Technical Notes