2018 Traditionale Riesling 2018 Traditionale Riesling

2018 'Traditionale' Riesling - Museum Release Online Exclusive

With five years of age on this beauty we are seeing the transformation from the fresh citrus flavours of a young Clare Valley Riesling into the lemon-butter/toasty characteristics we see after some years in the cellar. Still youthful with lively acidity, this wine has many years ahead of it for further development.

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The majesty of this noble variety writ large, captured here mid-journey with a long life ahead of it. Whilst still retaining freshness and length like a newly released Pikes Riesling, this Museam release has softened it’s fruit, changing from the vibrancy of youth to the delicious richer note of acquired maturity. Fantastic now, but will continue to develop and evolve as the best Rieslings do. 

Tasting Notes