We employ a wide range of environmentally sustainable practices in our vineyard and winery. They minimise impact on our land and provide real and tangible benefits for us as grape growers and winemakers.

  • We have an EPA-approved program that recycles 100% of our winery waste water and winery solids such as grape skins and stalks. We then re-use the water as irrigation and solid waste as compost in our vineyards.
  • Chemical usage is kept to a minimum. Wherever possible we use organic or elemental fungicides and biological forms of weed control, such as the planting of cover crops and using straw mulch under vines. The use of straw mulch and cover crops also has the benefit of reducing soil moisture loss through evaporation.
  • We have 7.5 million litres of rainwater storage for use in our winery to ensure we are not drawing from the water table.
  • We have also planted native trees and shrubs over the property, to improve the biodiversity of our land and the health of the Polish Hill River catchment which flows through the property.
  • Andrew founded and is still actively involved in the Hill River Natural Resources Management Group which has worked to re-vegetate spoiled areas of council land and wetlands with native species of flora.
  • There is also a solar energy plant on the winery roof which generates 72 kw, approximately 30% of our requirements.