The Pike Family

Andrew and Cathy Pike were founding partners of Pikes Wines in 1984 along with Andrew’s brother Neil. After an almost20 year career with Penfolds Wines and Southcorp Wine Group, Andrew joined Pikes at a full-time basis in 1998 to oversee viticultural operations and manage the growing family business. Over the years Cathy has contributed greatly to many parts of the business including cellar door, events, promotions, and business-related artistic interests, all whilst juggling a career and raising 3 boys.

It wasn’t long until Andrew and Cathy’s sons followed the family tradition in entering the family business, with Alister coming on board as trainee brewer in 2014 at Pikes Beer Company, Jamie as Sales and Marketing Manager in 2016 and more recently Stuart as Local Wholesale Sales Representative in 2022.

Although Andrew and Cathy stepped down from day-to-day operations in July 2022, as majority shareholders, directors, and founders, they continue to have an important role in the stewardship of the family business. Today, Jamie is leading the Pikes Group as Managing Director and Alister is Manager of Pikes Beer Co.

Jamie Pike

Managing Director

Steve Baraglia

Chief Winemaker

Alister Pike

Manager of Pikes Beer Company
Pete Bentley Pete Bentley

Pete Bentley

Sales & Export Manager

Pud Smith

Direct Sales Manager

Andrew Kenny

Senior Winemaker

Michael Harrold

Vineyard Manager

Abbie Lillecrapp

People, Culture & Sustainability Manager

Natasha Wilson

Finance and Administration Manager

Natalie Chomel

Marketing & Promotions Coordinator

Jessica Winnard

Production & Logistics Coordinator

Stuart Pike

Local Wholesale & Sales Representative

Kay Hellyer

Tasting Room Assistant Manager