Our vast and attractive mezzanine space above the cellar door has become a highly regarded Mid North art gallery, showcasing rich, artistic talent in a modern setting.

For the past 10 years, Gallery Director Cathy Pike has exhibited a diverse range of South Australian artists both from within the region and further afield, establishing Pikes as a key player in the blossoming Clare Valley art scene.

Wine and the visual arts are a perfect blend and the aim of our gallery is to provide our cellar door visitors with an alternative experience that enhances their time at Pikes.

Our commitment to quality and diversity has made the gallery a key destination for some discerning art lovers, who actually travel to Pikes to sample the art first and the wine second!

Most exhibitions run for two to three months.They could be the works of a high-profile, experienced artist or evolving talents with the potential to make a name for themselves.

The modern space is admired by artists and art lovers alike with its high ceilings and natural light providing an atrium-like environment with a wonderful ambience. It’s situated in one of the most picturesque parts of the Clare Valley and provides a perfect complement to the region’s stunning landscapes.

Each exhibition has a special opening event and all are welcome.

If you’re interested in our exhibitions and would like to be included on the invitation list please click here.

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