Current Exhibition

Window in the Sky


Jim Daws

My paintings evoke a feeling of a kinder and gentler age in which I grew up. I attempt to create paintings that are interpretations of the everyday experiences of people, awakening in the viewer long forgotten memories. In my paintings imagination abounds and people interact naturally. I have always loved drawing ever since I can remember. I’m really moved by the memories of days gone by. Sometimes I think the memories are better than the reality. There’s an innocence they have that I never get tired of trying to put on canvas.

The 1950’s were a wonderful time to be a child and I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawing. As a child of the 50’s raised on T.V. and advertising I can’t resist the appropriated image. Art for me is a continuous search. I still recall vividly the childhood days when we rode our bikes everywhere, shot marbles and there was always a dog around us. My paintings are just a reflection of my boyhood and dreams.

I try to be responsible and put positive images out into the world.    –    Jim Daws


Open from 9th October  until the 9th December 2015