Current Exhibition

Nikolas Demasi



Born in Broken Hill, Demasi was greatly influenced by both the rich landscape and the eccentric ‘bush artists’ of that region. The remnants of his bush upbringing are subtly apparent in his large, expressive and emotionally powerful paintings. The outback theme is sometimes contrasted by a sense of urban grit and chaos, to further veil his works in an element of mystique.
“Art is an emotional response. I filter environments, manmade and natural, to bring to the canvas an emotional interpretation of places through form, and colour, and what is around me. I paint and decipher the moods and feelings that are pushed upon me by nature, environments, people, and technology. ”
Colour takes a leading role in the paintings. At times it is decadently ‘slathered on’ in unabashed portions and in contrast washed over the surface as a  thin stain like a water impression which remains, almost seeing through to the bone of the raw canvas left in its natural state.